In 2016 a group of equine veterinary surgeons who are involved in equine dentistry came together to discuss the current issues and challenges facing the equine dental industry.

It was clear that there was need for an organisation to be the voice of equine vets involved in equine dental care. It was agreed that they would form a new organisation, the Equine Veterinary Dental Association, to jointly assist in the further development of the subject and to aid wider understanding to all interested equine veterinary surgeons, equine dental technicians, other paraprofessionals and the general public.

Mission Statement:

The Equine Veterinary Dental Association (EVDA) is an organisation of veterinary surgeons committed to the pursuit of excellence in, and advancing the discipline of, equine veterinary dentistry. It does this through the provision of educational programmes, support of clinical research and promotion of evidence based medicine relating to equine dentistry.

The association aims to work closely with existing professional bodies to maintain, support and improve the following 5 key aims:

  1. Maintaining and improving equine welfare
  2. Education of veterinary surgeons, veterinary undergraduates, equine dental technicians, owners, trainers and riders of all equines
  3. Marketing and promotion of equine veterinary dentistry
  4. Supporting and advising existing professional bodies
  5. Promotion of evidence based medicine and research in the field of equine veterinary dentistry